Access to Work

Access to Work is a Government-funded scheme which funds disability and neurodivergent-related support and equipment to help people start or stay in work.

The scheme provides a grant that helps fund the cost of special equipment, adaptations, or support that are over and above the workplace adjustments made by the employer.

Once a Workplace Needs Assessment has been completed, you/your employee will receive an Access to Work report, containing a list of recommendations and suppliers. This might include assistive technology (software and equipment), training and/or coaching.

To support you, save time and simplify the process we’re able to be your one-stop supplier for all your recommendations (software, hardware, training and coaching). By using us, you’ll receive one itemised invoice for your claim to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), meaning less time waiting for reinbursement!

Our process

Our end-to-end Access to Work service is designed to streamline and simplify an otherwise stressful procedure. We have a 4-step approach and guarantee that we will meet your unique Access to Work requirements.

1. Review assessment report

– we work with you to supply each of your recommendations, even if we are not the main supplier.

2. Deliver solutions efficiently

– we offer a price matching service for all products and efficient delivery to your workplace.

3. Professional installation and training

– after installation, our team provides sessions on assistive technology, disability awareness training, and workplace strategy coaching.

4. Ongoing technical support

– all equipment and training comes with two years of free technical support from our experts.

Do you process multiple Access To Work claims?

If you’re an HR team, line manager or procurement team we’re able to support you with:

  • One place – we can supply all your recommendations (assistive technology, training and coaching)
  • Price matching – we’ll price match all your Access To Work recommendations (Please note DWP don’t mind where you purchase recommendations).
  • Account management – you’ll get a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who will manage the process from the supply of software to the implementation of coaching/training services.
  • Reimbursement time – you’ll only have to send one itemised invoice to DWP, which saves you time and means you won’t wait as long for reimbursement.

Can you supply all the recommendations?

Yes, we’re able to supply all your recommendations. We also price match!

Why is training and coaching offered remotely?

Remote delivery allows for greater flexibility, convenience and shorter waiting time as we’re able to appoint you any of our UK based trainers/coaches. With remote training you can also choose to have sessions by the hour, offering you the ability to take things at a more comfortable pace. You do not need specialist skills to access remote sessions but if you do require assistance your trainer or coach will guide you through the process.

How are remote sessions delivered?

Remote sessions are delivered on a one-to-one basis, normally via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Your trainer will agree on your preferred platform beforehand and will send you a link once the appointment is confirmed.

Training should take place in a quiet, distraction-free environment. You will normally be expected to have your camera switched on during the training unless one is not available.

Your coach/trainer will ask you to share your screen as you will be learning the software by using it throughout the session as you would in a face-to-face setting.

You can expect the same level of support in a remote session as you would receive face-to-face in most cases, but if you have any concerns it is always worth speaking to your trainer or coach.

What is Assistive Technology Training?

Assistive technology training teaches you how to use your access to work software. Trainers will usually spend some time, finding out how you work and what you need so that they can understand which features will be of benefit and ensure that what they cover is relevant to your individual needs.

My access to work report has recommended face to face training, does this mean I cannot have my support online?

Even if your report recommends face to face, there is no restriction on having online training if it is preferred.

I have been offered coaching and assistive technology training with you, will they be delivered by the same person?

Training and coaching are usually delivered separately. Some of our coaches also train assistive technology and vice versa. If necessary eg. when there is limited availability which may delay your support, your coach may also deliver your AT training however, they will only do so if they have the appropriate experience. This will usually be discussed with you beforehand.

Do I need good IT skills or experience with software to do my training online?

If you already use a computer for general admin tasks and can use the internet, you will already have the skills you need to access a remote session. But, if you are unsure and would like some support with this our trainers and coaches are happy to guide you through the process.

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