Bierley MonoMouse USB Electronic Magnifier for PC


  • Magnifies small text onto your computer screen for easy viewing
  • Ideal for those who have trouble reading books, newspapers and labels
  • Can display white text on a black background for those with acute light sensitivity
  • Windows/PC Only



Many people, especially those with macular degeneration, find it difficult to read the small text in books and newspapers, or the tiny labels on pill bottles and food packaging. The MonoMouse USB Electronic Magnifier is designed to magnify all sorts of text and images, and can display it in pure white text on a black background for easy, strain-free viewing for those with macular degeneration or an acute sensitivity to light.

  • Displays text on your computer in large, easy-to-read black and white letters
  • Ideal for reading books, newspapers, magazines and instructions
  • MD Mode displays white text on a black background for those with acute light sensitivity
  • White text on black provides maximum contrast and less glare – ideal for macular degeneration
  • Perfect for small text on pill bottles, bills and food labels
  • Can be installed in seconds for years of trouble-free magnification
  • Works with any desktop or notebook PC
  • Suitable for Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Activated instantly by opening the Bierley app
  • Enlarges images and text in monochromatic greyscale for easy reading
  • Perfect for use with both desktop and laptop computers

If you suffer from visual impairment or a slight loss of vision, it can be hard to read books and look through photos as you used to. The MonoMouse USB allows you to see what you need to as clearly as you ever have, magnifying your text and images onto your computer screen.

The brightness and glare that show up on most computer screens can be hard on the eyes, especially for those suffering from macular degeneration or acute light sensitivity. The MD Mode of the MonoMouse USB provides pure white text on a black background, with maximum contrast and reduced glare that makes the image suitable for those with macular degeneration or increased sensitivity to light. The MonoMouse USB is packed with other features as well, including greyscale display, pure black text on a white background and variable magnification.

  • 1 x MonoMouse
  • 1 x Microfibre mouse bag
  • 1 x USB connection
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