TextAid Access to Work Edition (3 Year Licence) – ReadSpeaker


TextAid is a complete, easy-to-use Reading, Writing and Studying Literacy Support Tool for the Classroom, Workplace or Home



Why consider using TextAid at work?

Many jobs involve reading and writing to some extent so employees who find it difficult to read or concentrate on text can feel anxious about completing their work on time or sending emails without mistakes. TextAid helps employees work
more confidently and efficiently with:

Text Highlighting:  Text is highlighted as it is being read. This text can come from websites, emails, scanned documents, textbooks, PDFs, and more.

Document and OCR Reading; Upload documents in various formats, including scanned documents, images, PowerPoint, PDF, Word, EPUB, etc.

Text Selection and Word Lookup: Select any part of the text and listen to only that section. Look up a selected word in the dictionary, look up selected text on Wikipedia, or perform a web search on Google.

All these tools reduce anxiety and increase productivity.

System Requirements:

ReadSpeaker TextAid is web-based, meaning no downloads and access on any device

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