6 things to do with your kids during a school break

6 things to do with your kids during a school break

The Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is upon us. In normal times we would be relishing the two-week break. This year is different. Kids haven’t been to school for weeks; they have been trying to learn at home and routine has been all out of kilter. We know it’s not easy and when the school term resumes, we are going to share tips and experiences of home-schooling.

For now, let’s try to remember we are in holiday time. We have some ideas for the family to do together over Easter and enjoy some downtime.

1. Take a virtual tour/trip 

Many families had plans to travel this weekend. Why not make a list of museums, galleries and attractions that you would like to visit and see if they have online tours or virtual resources. Fota Wildlife Park has lots of videos on its social media and Dublin Zoo are doing webcam streams for feeding the animals for example.  Don’t limit yourself to Ireland, go global and pick somewhere far-flung to explore!

2. Watch a concert

Plenty of artists are posting music online. You might find a live session on Facebook or Instagram. Even if your favourite artist has done a virtual gig and you missed it, many videos are still available on social media feeds to play when suits you best. Just remember to sing along to your favourite songs! You’ll only be annoying your own family!

3. Get out and about (within 2km radius of home!)

The weather will hopefully be bright and sunny for the weekend. Get out and about. Take a new route, explore. Google maps will help you understand how far 2 kilometres is. Some communities/housing estates are doing teddy bear treasure hunts where people place teddies in their windows, keep an eye out for these, especially if you have younger kids. If there isn’t one nearby be a trendsetter and start one with neighbours and friends. Spring is in full swing so it gives us the opportunity to observe nature at it’s best, look around, take it all in.

4. Have a virtual playdate or play virtual games

Technology can really help us to have fun together even when we have to stay apart. Set up WhatsApp groups or use Zoom or other Apps to connect with friends. Younger kids can have virtual playdates where they can dance or do artwork at the same time. For the whole family, why not connect with another family or friends and play virtual board games together. There are lots of free virtual games online, google your favourites you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. You will be able to have an app like WhatsApp or Zoom open at the same time as the game and you can have hours of entertainment!

5. Cook a nice meal and make it an occasion 

For a lot of people, the kitchen and dining room areas at home have become work hubs. Why not stick a nice table cloth on the table, pull out the fancy dinnerware and cook a nice meal together? To add to the sense of occasion you could create menus and get dressed up. Remember to take photos to look back on and don’t forget to have some chocolate! It is Easter after all!

6. Use search engines and social media for ideas

You know we love technology here at UrAbility. More than ever the connectivity of the internet is coming to our rescue. A few quick searches of your favourite subjects/topic whether it’s music, books, activities or exercise are bound to yield results. Everyone is trying to come up with new ideas to stay entertained and finding inspiration is half the fun. Explore social media and then screen mirror or cast things onto your TV so the whole family can watch.

We hope our ideas help you enjoy Easter together, have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

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