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Assistive Technology training

We offer a number of different services for those who wish to make effective or more effective use of assistive technology. Our training is delivered by qualified and experienced experts.

Individual Assistive Technology Advice Sessions

This is aimed at those new to assistive technology, or those who may be using aspects of the technology already, but want to find out more – often due to a change in their function or needs at work following promotion or new employment.

The Advice Session will typically last for between 1 -2 hours according to the circumstances. During the session, the individual will discuss their needs with the Assessor and will be advised about the solutions that might best suit their particular circumstances and requirement.

Individual Assistive Technology Training Courses

Because this is an individual training course, the length of time taken to deliver and complete the course will vary from case to case. Our recommended minimum times (for illustrative purposes only) are:

• Dragon Professional Individual: 6-12 hours.

• TextHELP Read and Write text-to-speech program: 3-6 hours

• Mind Mapping Software: 2-4 hours.

Funding to assist in the costs of these training courses may be available under the Access to Work scheme or the Disabled Students’ Allowance programme.

Gadgets and Gizmos Presentation

This is a two hour presentation designed to introduce individuals to a range of Assistive Technology. It will include a demonstration of the different technologies featured in the presentation to include the following:

• Speech recognition software, text-to-speech programs and mind mapping software.

• Applications/programs for iPads, Android Tablets and Smartphones.

• Free software and resources available for PC’s

• Smartpens, Dictaphones and other handheld devices.

The principle objective of the Gadgets and Gizmos session is to show how the technology available can help with day-to-day tasks and challenges such as reading, writing, spelling, planning and studying, and wider aspects of organisation and time management.

Assistive Technology Workshops

These are group sessions for between 4-6 people. They are specifically designed to provide an opportunity for interested parties to find out more about the Assistive Technology available to help people with dyslexia and, of equal importance, to have a go at actually using the software and products themselves.

Sessions will last approximately 3 hours and can be conducted at our office in Nottingham, or on the client’s own premises where suitable space and facilities are available.

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