Dyslexia in the workplace

Achieve the best results from your workforce by being alert to the signs of dyslexia. Simple adjustments can make a real difference.

Unless there are existing arrangements in place to address the issue of dyslexia in your workforce you could be missing out on a wealth of untapped potential and creativity. Since statistically about 10 per cent of the workforce will suffer from some type and level of dyslexia even in milder forms, it’s important to be alert to the signs of dyslexia and to take action.

The good news for employers is that once the problem has been recognised, even the most simple adjustments at work can make a huge difference – often at little or no cost!

The Dyslexia Association can help you to create a support network for your dyslexic employees that is tailored to the needs and resources of your business and is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and performance of those employees in the work environment.

Dyslexia is recognised as a disability within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010. As such employers are obliged to make “reasonable adjustments” to help individuals who have dyslexia overcome any disadvantages caused by the condition.

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