Which Apple iPad should I buy for my child?

Which Apple iPad should I buy for my child?

So you’ve decided to get your child an Apple iPad to help with their learning. Many parents ask us which model of iPad is best to help their child with reading, writing, homework, or to use at school. Good news: there’s a clear winner!

Many parents ask us which model of iPad is best to help their child with reading, writing, homework, or to use at school.

We’ll cut right to the chase in case you’re in a hurry:

We recommend the “standard” iPad 9th Gen 10.2 2021 with 64GB of storage.

If you’d like to learn more about why we think this is a great choice for your child’s learning, read on!

Is an Apple iPad suitable for your child?

Before you buy an iPad, consider the following:

  • What are the critical challenges for your child? (reading, writing, etc.)

  • What educational stage is your child at?

  • What is the main device they will use at school?

  • Can the online learning options at your school be used with an iPad?

The benefits of an iPad for learning:

  • A large selection of Apps are available to help with reading, writing, maths, and organisational skills

  • Many built-in accessibility features that can help to make reading and writing easier

  • Lightweight enough for students to carry around all-day

  • Long battery life (9+ hours on most models) to last the entire school day

  • Keyboard and stylus support with wireless Bluetooth options

Which model of iPad should I buy for my child?

There are four current iPad models, each with a different kind of user and budget in mind: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

Prices start at €399 for an iPad (9th Gen) and go all the way up to €1129 for an iPad Pro.

Good news! We recommend the least expensive current model, which is the standard iPad (9th Gen) 2021, starting at €399. 

  • The iPad (9th Gen) 2021 sports 64GB or 256GB of storage. For most students, 64GB is plenty.

  • It has an A13 Bionic processing chip, which helps with advanced image processing and rendering, improved Siri performance, better AR (augmented reality) experience, and more.

  • It supports the first-generation Apple Pencil stylus, sold separately (but not the newer 2nd generation stylus).

Other iPad accessories to consider

  • Get a good Bluetooth keyboard. You can buy a keyboard from Apple, or there are plenty on Amazon that are great value.

  • Get a protective case for your child’s iPad. Again, Apple has many cases to choose from, or you can find one on Amazon.

  • Consider insuring your child’s iPad. You can buy AppleCare+ as an add-on when you purchase your iPad, or up to 60 days later. AppleCare+ is insurance that provides up to two years of expert technical support and hardware coverage for iPad, Apple Pencil, and Apple-branded iPad keyboards. It costs €79, but this will be money well spent if your child drops their new iPad! It may also be possible to add the device to your home insurance.

That’s a wrap!

Once you’ve got your iPad, check out our online course for parents, Getting Started with Technology. Inside the course, we teach you about all of the features and apps that can help make reading, writing, maths, and organisation skills easier for your child.

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